Welcome to Innerwood Gallery where your treasured art
is creatively enhanced and carefully protected for 
​your enjoyment in the years to come.
Custom Picture and Art Framing
Fine Art Custom Frame
Each framing project is unique.
I have framed an amazing array of art, pictures and
objects in my 18 plus years in the industry.
I strive to stay up to date about products and techniques and to educate my 
customers ​​as to the best treatment for their art.
I believe in using quality, acid-free
materials and offer conservation glass.

If you're going to do it, you might as
well do it right the first time!  
We offer custom framing for just about anything you
can imagine, including...

Shadow Boxes
Oval Mats and Frames
Object Framing
Original Art
Multi-opening Mats
Decorative Mats
Custom picture frame around flower picture